The Ultimate 2021 Camping Gear Guide

It can be challenging to know what you’re going to need when you’re first starting camping. Aside from that, you must decide which items you should purchase and which you can rent or borrow from your supplies. Whether you’re car camping or going backpacking, we’ve put together a list of gear you need for a successful camping trip.


When you are out in nature, your tent is like your home away from home. If rain or snow is forecast, this jacket will keep you warm and dry. The weather and the size of your tent are the two most important factors to consider. You can never go wrong with a three-season tent, and the capacity will vary depending on your needs.

Sleeping Pad and Bag

Many people worry about being able to sleep when planning their first camping trip. If you want to sleep all night, you need a sleeping pad or air mattress. If you are a beginner, you should opt for air mattresses or sleeping pads with an air pump. You will be lifted off the ground, and added insulation will be available during colder months.


Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a must! Having your amenities will never make you regret staying at a campsite that advertises full amenities.

Besides prescription medications, travelers should be sure to pack a small bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, a small shampoo bottle, lip balm, and whatever else they might need for a weekend.


It’s easy to stay clean at campgrounds since they typically have communal showers. However, this will not be an option if you’re dry camping.

Sun and Bug Protection

Camping means spending all day in the sun. The forecast might call for overcast skies, but you should still wear sunblock. Bug spray is also worth investing in, depending on when and where you are camping.