Survival Tips When Camping in Woods Alone

I love being in nature, walking for hours on paths through the woods, and enjoying the silence of the forest. But, there are also cases when you need to spend some time alone in wild nature, waiting for someone or something. That is why I often go camping by myself.

It might sound strange at first, but these three days made me more confident, and I will never forget them. If you are looking for some survival ideas while on the woods camping, check below some of my survival tips and go camping yourself!

What You Need to Take With You

Can opener

It would help if you had this to open cans, the essential thing about food.


No matter how good is your navigation system, there is always the possibility that it fails, and in such cases, a compass comes in handy.


If you get caught by night, it’s beneficial to have something to light your way. Also, a flashlight is recommendable for emergency lighting while in the camping tent.

Sleeping bags and blankets

No matter what time of the year, night temperature can drop low enough, so extra protection might keep you warm. (


It is helpful on many occasions, such as you can use it to hang up your food or other items.

Matches and lighter

First of all, it will help you light a fire and second if the rain starts everything might get wet so a lighter can allow drying your essentials. (

Waterproof bag

Works magic to keep things dry


Make sure you pack enough food with you.

What to Do If You Get Lost In The Woods

Don’t panic

I can’t stress this one enough! Panicking means that your judgments will get impaired, and the chances of making a wrong decision are higher. So take it easy!

Keep calm, but keep moving

It is essential to stay active instead of staying in one place. That’s why you should constantly move, even if it doesn’t seem like a good idea at first. (

Find shelter

It is essential to be protected from rain and wind if they appear. You can build a simple shelter or use natural shelters that are already there.

Start a fire

If it gets cold outside, fire will make you feel warmer and provide some light.

Look for water

One of the essential things about survival is that you might find water in creeks or rivers. So, check out in the areas you are at

Find a food source

Berries and fruits can keep you alive till you are rescued if you get lost.

Camping Tips

Don’t go deep into the woods

Stay close to roads or paths where you can quickly figure your way out or be found easily.

Check the weather forecast before heading out

Always tell someone where you are going and what time are you expecting to be back;
Take your smartphone but make sure it’s fully charged
Don’t leave your car unlocked
There have been cases when people have been robbed even in the middle of a forest.


I can’t stress enough how easy it is to panic, so if you are looking for an extreme experience, camping by yourself might be the right thing for you! This kind of trip has two primary purposes: learning more about yourself and having fun. This is not only the experience of a lifetime but also one that might save your life! I hope you found these tips helpful; enjoy camping!